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Departing from Cape Town city centre, the first stop is in the Bo Kaap. Here we discuss why the arrival of a small expedition of Dutch sailors in 1652 proved to be a monumental turning point in the South African history. Taking a short walk along the romantic cobble stone streets between the brightly coloured homes, your tour guide explains how the framework for racial segregation was established.

Passing some of Cape Town’s landmarks, a short drive brings us to District 6 where we elaborate on the next tier in the South African story: Apartheid South Africa. Once in District 6, we drive through the now decaying ruins of what once was a flourishing mixed race community where 60 000 people lived and worked, but was demolished only to be reserved exclusively for whites. We further elaborate on the introduction of Apartheid, the legislation to justify the demolition of District 6, and the consequences thereof.

The journey continues to Langa, the oldest Black African Township in Cape Town. Along the way we elaborate on the restrictive legislation introduced by the Apartheid regime to enforce racial segregation. On arrival in Langa, we have a photo stop at the site that commemorates the student uprising of 1976, discuss the Pass Laws and the barracks built for African migrant workers.
Now en route to Khayelitsha, we start introducing the last (but most important) leg of the tour: The New South Africa. On arrival in Khayelitsha, reputed to be the largest and fastest growing township in South Africa, the first stop is at the Philani Health and Nutrition Project where guests interact with local mothers who participate in a Women’s Empowerment Programme initiated by Swedish doctor, Dr. Ingrid le Roux.

Depending on a range of variables (i.e. day of the week, time of day, size of the group, etc.) the tour takes on a variety of formats to best suit the guests on the day. Options include visiting a school where guests are entertained by the choir; always an overwhelming experience. Alternately a visit to the Iliso Care Society, a multi faceted outreach programme that includes a soup kitchen, day care centre, sewing project and youth choir amongst other things. Regardless of the format, every single encounter promises to be a potentially life changing experience where cultural values and personal experiences are exchanged at first hand with the locals.



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