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Welcome to the Old Biscuit Mill. A vibrant, warm-hearted little village in the heart of Woodstock where talented people come together to share, collaborate and well… show off their heart-felt passion. The Mill is home to day and night markets, dynamic office space, a range of workshops and designer stores, delicious farm stalls, decadent restaurants as well as an inspiring line-up of festivals and productions. Come and explore the Mill and meet some of South Africa’s most talented, innovative designers, artists, photographers, and connoisseurs of fine taste and décor.

The Mill houses some of the city’s most charming architecture and is loved by all of its patrons and visitors. The Old Biscuit Mill used to be…a biscuit mill. It seems the mill started out as a factory for ‘Pioneer’, then ‘Standard Mills’ and was most recently, before its conversion, a mill for ‘Pyotts’ – at least that’s what the lettering down the side of the square brick chimney tells us.

There also used to be a mill-like structure, built in the late 19th century. The base of the windmill exists somewhere on the grounds, it just hasn’t been found…yet. The rest of the Mill’s history is rather mysterious and elusive clues from its rich past surface every now and again, just to keep us guessing.



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The Old Biscuit Mill, 373-375 Albert Road, Woodstock, Western Cape, South Africa

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